Mental Abortion - Fetish Object CS/Zine

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Oversized 8.5 x 11 zine with essays, art and interviews coupled with a 19 second live tape!!!

MENTAL ABORTION - Fetish Object is the second cassette release in the upcoming September BPP batch .. It is a 19 SECOND live set where MA played ONE song in April 2023 .. The cassette comes with a 16 page large sized zine with full color collages, essays and an interview with the band . The concept behind the release is to make a statement about the current DIY underground scene .. Art and online marketing are prioritized over songs and ideas . The release is a critique of BPP and our own purchasing habits as much as it is a critique of anyone else . What happens when the art is better than the music ? What happens when you miss out on a limited release ? What happens when you realize you still haven’t listened to the rare records you bought last year but took pictures of ?

All unsold copies will be puked on and flushed down the toilet..